HorseGraphic-1 copyEquine Guided Learning

Mission: Let horses help you increase self-awareness to achieve the well being and fulfillment you want in your life.

A horse will reflect exactly what you need to see about yourself.

Are you brave enough to ask?

Are you strong enough to listen?

Are you humble enough to learn?

Why Horses?? Horses have amazing powers of  perception and communication that can help us (humans) to be more self aware, identify important desired changes in our behavior, increase our powers of communication and develop our leadership cabability.

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Our Faculty: In our home location, we have three seasoned “faculty members”, each with his own special “edge” for you. (In other locations, we have an outstanding group of “adjunct faculty members.”)

Gideon1Let’s start with Gideon, the littlest, youngest, and feistiest of our troops. Gideon is a rescued Mini horse. He is brilliant and learns very quickly. And he is masterful at teaching people about boundaries, saying “no”, resisting manipulation, playfulness, focus, and watchfulness.


ZigZig: Zig is a regal Tennessee Walker named for the Zigfield Follies because he is so much fun. He is your guy if you need to work on intent, leadership, assertiveness, follow through, communication, and active listening.




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Roy: Roy is a happy guy who – most of the time – wants to please. He’ll try anything. He is very playful and loves to figure out how to untie things and open doors (even ones that are locked). He and Gideon are great buddies. He is your guy for ease of being, playfulness, and willingness.





Leadership Development: The age-old question is: “Are leaders born or made?” What we at EGL know is that everyone can improve their leadership capability. In the basic one-day program, we start with where you are, determine what you want in your life, and move in that direction. The EGL leadership programs start with self-awareness and build on that with self-management, goal-orientation, intention & focus, interpersonal skills (and the power of persuasion). Each subsequent program builds on those key leadership qualities.

Self-awareness is expanded through a complimentary on-line self-assessment (given to qualified registrants – See Sample). The result immediately following completion of the assessment is the basis for increased learning and goal setting.

Through on-the-ground exercises, the horses help participants expand their self-perception in an unforgettable way. All work with horses is done on the ground.

Participants leave with helpful practices, accountabilities, and an invitation to return for the next step up in leadership development to build on what they have learned and put into practice.

About Elaine: Elaine has taught leadership in many settings (corporate, government, health care, and Education) on five continents for over 25 years. Without a doubt, the most powerful context for learning is in nature and horses give us many opportunities for personal growth that can be applied in all aspects of life. Elaine has a doctorate in adult education and is a master certified coach – the highest designation awarded by the International Coach Federation. Check out her linked-in profile for information about her corporate experience . See her webpages – RSIRocks.com, Engagechange.com, FocusYourTalent.com

Individual work: It’s easy to arrange for individual work that is customized to suit time and resources. Individual work begins with identifying the desired changes and results and we create an appropriate program from there.

Custom Office Team Building: We create custom programs for groups of from 6 – 12 people. We use our expertise in organization assessment and interviewing techniques to focus on key needs to increase effectiveness in your organization. With the improvement of even one of the office needs, the return on this investment would pay for the program many times over.

Our approach to individual leadership development: We use state-of-the-art individual assessments to give us a reading of how and why you do things and how you think. We assess that in relation to what is going on in your life, the results you want, and what might be holding you back. From here we get a direction for coaching and move to the horses for a customized “on the ground” workout that galvanizes the learning for you. (Note: there is no riding activity) We set goals and an accountability system to put that learning to work.

One of our most popular assessments is a combination of Behavioral Styles and Workplace Motivators. Click here for a sample report.

RoseHill Farm: RoseHill farm, featuring a passive solar “tire” house is conducive to reflection, meditation, and generation as well as the excitement of study and experimentation to clarify focus and deepen learning. RoseHill Farm has an exquisite setting for this: waterfall, meditation gazebo, ponds, picnic area, and many treed areas for sitting and walking.

Setting: RoseHill Farm is located just inside the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs, CO 15 minutes from I-25 on seven acres of forested land and close to bed and breakfast settings for those who stay for multi-days.